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What a Wonderful World Daydreaming and Sarcasm* Are Good for the Soul, Right? * applies to the rest of the editorial As citizens of the world we do indeed have it great: life expectancy has increased up to 120 years, 99 per cent of babies are born healthy and over 90 per cent of people die peacefully and healthy at home in old age in the presence of their families, which now span four generations. You learn to respect your fellow human beings at an early age, whether they are children, young people, adults or older people. Young people realise that, despite visible differences in terms of origin, intellect or social class, everyone has the right to find their place in society. Everyone has the opportunity to develop and practise their talent or even vocation, regardless of expectations placed on them. Every profession is worthy in itself; it is rather the treatment that is often given to employees that is degrading. Likewise, everyone is paid a decent salary that allows a life in dignity without having to rely on additional state assistance. Thanks to an appropriate lifestyle, people are getting less ill, exercise has become a normal part of life and a vegan diet is now a matter of course. The number of hospitals and clinics has steadily declined; these facilities mainly admit patients victims of accidents. The healthcare system is being directly financed by proportional wage deductions. Progress and adjustments in relations between women and men have finally made peaceful coexistence possi ble, so that the divorce rate has fallen. After decades of demographic winter, the birth rate has risen as childcare centres and other individual childcare services are provided by the state. Families are relieved and have more children. The retirement age has levelled off at 65, while flexible retirement offers the opportunity to work longer depen ding on personal needs, partly because the general health of the population has improved. The pension is exclu sively provided by the state and its amount allows everyone to live in dignity regardless of the type of profession performed during the working years.

How was it possible to improve the health of the population? The answer is obvious: exercise and strength training. Because this is how myokines are released, valuable messenger substances for the whole body that have a healing effect. In this respect, health insurance companies provide gyms free of charge for training, which keeps the costs for the healthcare system as low as possible. After all, serious training makes it possible to be "ALLDAY FIT" at every stage of life. The following quote tells everything: IT IS ONE OF THE MOST DIFFICULT, THAT CAN BE IMPOSED ON A THINKING PERSON, OF A HISTORICAL PROCESS, WHOSE INEVITABLE OUTCOME HE HAS LONG SINCE RECOGNISED WITH CLARITY . With this in mind, I wish the StarkVital60+ readership a wonderful summer 2024. Jean-Pierre Jean-Pierre Leonhard Schupp Born 1954, Biological age "54", Health expert, book author, 5th Dan Black Belt Karate/kick-boxing, Curriculum vitae and contact; KNOWING AMONG THE IGNORANT TO HAVE TO WITNESS THE COURSE

STRONG and VITAL No. 3 - 2024


IV. Betriebsanleitung und Einsatzmöglichkeiten mit den zwei externen TESLA Applikatoren (Hersteller Iskra Medical seit 1991)

Ad vertisement


FMS Tesla Pelvic Floor Device for Sale ! FMS Tesla computer with two applicators (without chair). Absolutely as good as new. Was only used for just under 2 hours for demonstrations. Can be used for gyms, fitnessclubs or rehabilitation centres for treatment against INCONTINENCE, rehabilitation after bone fractures, nerve problems, for the whole body. Two freely adjustable FMS „Functional Magnetic Stimulation“ plus computer on base table. Ready for use! Preis EUR 32‘000.- excl. VAT (instead 35‘900.-) Der grosse Vorteil: Auch ein Anwender, der zuerst mit dem Sessel seine Erfahrungen gesammelt hat, kann jederzeit auch zwei externe FMS TESLA Applikatoren später anschliessen... ...oder z.B. Physiotherapeuten, Spitäler, Arztpraxen, Healthcenter, Medicalcenter usw. von Anfang an, den FMS TESLA Prestige mit allen vier Applkatoren bestellen, d.h. zwei im Sessel (Rücken,Sitz) und zwei externe. Die Vielfalt der Anwendung ist phänomenal. (Weitere Programm-Möglichkeiten mit dem FMS TESLA im Beautybereich z.B. Cellulite werden hier nicht erwähnt)

contact: GSG Academy - Tel Switzerland +4179 570 47 37


For Sale 10 Hectares HACIENDA with Vineyard in Spain at the Price of EURO 5 Million We are located in a village in the south of Spain in the Castilla-La Mancha region. It is an enclave in the extreme north-west of the province of Ciudad Real in the Guadiana Alto river basin. The municipal area covers 32,000 We can confirm that this municipality is one of the most important for the cultivation of wine in the world. Wine cultivation is an essential tradition that dates back to ancient times. The Catholic Monarchs granted the privilege of exempting from taxes all settlers who wished to colonise the area, build a house and plant vines. In the early 1980s, the owner family started the cultivation of an old vineyard in a nearby neighbourhood. They have always had the opportunity to produce their own brand in their own winery. We combine the traditional Spanish and European way of making wine with the most modern methods. The vineyards of the winery are biologically cultivated. The entire estate is located within half a kilometre of the hectares, of which 29,000 hectares are dedicated to viticulture. Practically the entire municipality is covered with vineyards.

winery and reception area. This means that the grapes do not have to travel long distances at harvest time. The privileged location of the vineyards provides excellent weather conditions for the cultivation of the vines. We can count on 2,800 hours of sunshine a year, and the remarkable temperature fluctua tions between day and night ensure that the core of the wines has a better and more even maturation and expression.

Of course you can buy these 10 hectares, including the house (all properties), water well etc. without continuing the activity of the vineyard. This uniquely beautifully situated property with a large land turnaround can also be used for other promising projects. If you are interested in receiving sales documents in English, German, or of course Spanish, please send an e-mail to: It will then be forwarded in strict confidence to the lawyer of the family of this unique hacienda. Thank you for your interest.

STRONG and VITAL No. 3 - 2024




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