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September 2003 • Year 1 • Number 1

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2 nd STRENFLEX World championships 10 th to 12 th September in Kiev - Ukraine introduction to a new sport STRENFLEX history and its champions INTERNATIONAL RANKING 14 exercises that will change your life “How to become a STRENFLEX champion”

Inside: World Championship - POSTER

Introduction to a new sport

As maybe you already know, the fitness industry has a new sport: STRENFLEX ® ! Many may ask why this sport was created. The answer: Because there is no sport for thou sands of enthusiastic and physically active fitness studio members world wide. The past few issues of Fitness Tribune contained information about MFI, which was the old name for the new sport. The name STRENFLEX ® had yet to be registered worldwide as a trademark, which is a mandatory requirement even for novelties in the fitness industry. Now the new sport is official. STRENFLEX ® has been launched successfully and offers a platform for competitive fitness sport without diets, body watching, expen sive choreographies or doping sup plements of any kind. Au contraire, it is the only sport discipline known to man in which people can participate at any age (muscles know no age, as you may well know). One of the four STRENFLEX ® age categories begins at 60 years of age. In addition, there are eight different weight classes. The following disciplines are part of STRENFLEX ® The ultimate Fitness Sport STRENFLEX ® - the ultimate fitness sport that gives you the “kick” you need to turn the strength, barbell and cardio training, stretching etc., into action at last, and lets you measure your performance against others. This new FITNESS lifestyle is opening up to a much wider audience because STRENFLEX ® combines performance with good looks and the feel good

that five exercises are strength-based, four address muscular endurance, two are cardiovascular exercises and three are based on stretching. Both men and women over the age of 18 can actively participate in contests. However, STREN FLEX ® not only offers something to fitness enthusiasts, but STRENFLEX ® also ben efits fitness studio owners. It will enable them to attract new members and can help fitness studios in motivating long term members to keep up their regular training activities (lower fluctuation rate). To retain these customers, a studio owner need not participate in every expensive trend - STRENFLEX ® alone should be enough. Everyday studio routine is made more exciting with STRENFLEX ® train ing. Furthermore, not everybody has to participate in competitions, but studios accredited by the STRENFLEX ® organiza tion can award competitive titles such as STRENFLEX ® Studio Master. In addition, these studios can offer and conduct basic workshops. Studio members, who have completed such a basic workshop, will be eligible to compete in national and international championships (European and World Championships). via Internet or TV that they will descend upon the nearest local gym. STRENFLEX ® is easy to follow and understand, not just for the participants, but also for specta tors - whether on TV or live. Miss Fitness, bodybuilding and/or aero bic contests are out - because only very few competitive sportsmen and women can take part. Aside from this, these types of competition rather tend to dis courage new clients who are really inter ested in fitness from seeking membership of a gym. Sylvia Gattiker, president of the STREN FLEX ® organisation, will answer ques tions and provide more information. To get in touch with her: Tel.: +41 1 883 73 91 or


the competition: bench press at 60% of body weight, squats (70%), clean & press (30%), adductor press, hand strength measurements, dip series, pull-up series, push-up series, trunk bends, rope jump ing, interval course, forward bends, splits and shoulder flexibility. For participants 35 years and older, cycling or rowing is substituted for rope jumping. This means

factor. It’s the first and only sport suited to this kind of lifestyle.

STRENFLEX ® - the trend-sport for the healthy and modern Fitness lifestyle STRENFLEX ® is the singular answer to the call for a sport which enhances the image of our industry and which takes into con sideration the three pillars of strength, endurance and flexibility as its basis.

STRENFLEX ® fully embodies the philosophy behind the desire for fitness. But it is not only the gyms which will be revolutionised. STRENFLEX ® symbolises the way, the trend “back to the roots”, back to free weight training, cardio training and stretching. Hun dreds of thousands will be so enthused by STRENFLEX ®

Who is Sylvia Gattiker, first president of STRENFLEX ® ?

2 STRENFLEX fitness sport International 1

was the highlight of almost a decade in the Austrian national team. In 1982 I came into contact with the new “aerobics” trend for the first time - and it has fascinated me ever since. During 1983, when the aerobics wave really started to roll, I published my first book Aerobics and some of my articles on the subject were printed by several newspapers. I married in 1983 and in the same year my husband and I opened our first fitness club in Affoltern, Switzerland. In 1984 our first son was born, soon followed by twins in 1986. Aside from many professional courses in the fitness industry, I also undertook the aerobics course run by the American ACE organisation. My yearning for a competitive sport didn’t allow me to slow down and when, in 1990, the new sport of aerobics arrived on the scene, it was just what I was looking for. In order to participate in aerobics competitively in Switzerland I founded the first Aerobics Associa tion of Switzerland (AVS). My intensive training was rewarded with four Swiss Championship titles, participation in two World Championships (including - in 1990 - the very first aerobics World Championships in San Diego, USA) and

in two European Championships (6th place in Rimini). Following on from this I switched to become an instruc tor and later joined the referee team and president’s office of the new SCAF association. An internationally approved referee and member of the International Technical Committee, I now channel my energies into ensur ing fair and professional competition for all athletes. In the search for a new sport with its roots in fitness I formulated, together with Jean-Pierre Schupp, the compe tition rules for STRENFLEX ® . This new sport is a real challenge for all sport and fitness fans in every age group, offering them the possibility to be judged against one another in com petition. With my long experience as an active athlete, president and ref eree for FISAF and aerobic sport, and not forgetting my 20 year involve ment in the fitness industry (including the formation of, and instructor train ing for pump-work ® ), I am convinced that we can attract many fitness and aerobics enthusiasts to this new type of competition. That’s why I’ve now decided to com mit all my energies into the develop ment of this sport and to offer the fitness industry a new “kick”. As president of STRENFLEX ® I represent the sport on the outside, involving many visits abroad where my long international experience and contacts are a great advantage.

Sylvia Gattiker’s Curriculum Vitae

11.2.1956 Born in Vienna, Austria 1962-1966 Primary school in Vienna 1966-1970 Secondary school in Vienna 1970-1972 Fashion college in Vienna 1972-1977 Business college in Vienna leading to Advanced level qualifica tion for university entry 1980-1983 Business Studies course at the Business Univer sity in Vienna After completing primary and secondary education I attended the fashion college in Vienna for 2 years. This subject area did not really appeal to me so I moved to the Business Academy in Vienna in 1972. Here I completed five years of advanced level study leading to my pass for univer sity entrance. Following three years in the computer industry as systems analyst I began my studies in business and commerce at the Business University in Vienna. At about 12 years of age I took up sports. Firstly high diving, followed 2 years later by gymnastics where, in 1972, I became Austrian Champion in the Olympic eight events competition and Austrian Cham pion on the asymmetric bars. This was the start of a sports career spanning almost 10 years as a gymnast, winning many titles as county, federal, national and international champion. My participation in the 1974 World Championships in Varna, Bulgaria,




Sylvia Gattiker

President USA Bernd

National representative

Head Judge

Technical Head Judge Adrian Wild judge Switzerland

Croatia & Slovenia Dario Karamatic judge, Croatia

Claudia Faes Aventaggiato judge Switzerland / Italy



Andrea Staneker judge Germany

Isabelle Baumann judge Switzerland

Nicole Birri judge Switzerland

Edith Brändle judge Germany


Donna Danton judge USA

Melike Ilbaz judge Turkey

Dr. Eva Kozlova judge Czech Republic

Elena Levy judge Russia

STRENFLEX fitness sport 3


1 st World Championship Rimini 15.06.02 Opening celebration A great round of praise goes to all those who have contributed to the implementation of this successful world premiere of the first STREN FLEX Fitness Sport World Champion ship. These include not just the fan tastic athletic participants but also the excellent judges and their fast work. Furthermore, the deputy chief judge Claudia Faes Aventaggio from Swit zerland, Donna Danton from the United States, Andrea Staneker from Germany, Elena Levy from Russia and Isabelle Baumann from Switzerland deserve a special commendation. Credit is due to the Technical Tribu nal, consisting of the two men on the judges’ team, Dario Karamatic from

Croatia and Boris Reinhardt from Ger many, for the fact that the competition was conducted in a timeframe in agree ment with regulations and that the evalu ation proceeded quickly and correctly. Furthermore, the technical assistants who supported both competitors and

judges deserve great praise for their strong initiative. These included Nata sha Danton (United States), Sandra Leuener (Switzerland), Katja Wagner (Russia), Mario Laina (Italy) and Pierre Gattiker (Switzerland). This World Championship spectacle was well organized: from the athletes entering with their national flags, the national anthems and the beautiful win ners’ medals, which were presented to the winners on a purple cushion, to the flower bouquets for the five finalists. This was a World Championship that all participants won’t forget for quite some time. Unfortunately, the event was not organized in an optimal fashion by the trade fair organizer, and the STREN FLEX sports organization has drawn the obvious conclusions for future champi onships.


The winners: 2 nd Tanja Koch 1 st Antonia Conzett Gutschi 3 rd Daniela Hempfling-Kaiser

1 st European Championship Frankfurt - 26.10.02 The first European Championship has taken place during the LIFETIME (fitness- and wellness trade fair) in Frankfurt.

Category 1 - Winners 2 nd Tanja Koch - 1 st Antonia Conzett Gutschi - 3 rd Sonia Diaz

Category 2 - Winners (right foto) 2 nd Jolanda Schärer - 1 st Holly Eberhardt - 3 rd Sandra Tschabrun

1 st World Cup Wels - 18.01.03

The second Word Cup has taken place during the FIT 2003 in Wels - Austria. For the first time men are in competition. Category Men - Winners 3 rd Karl Schmitt - 1 st Ivan Bucher - 2 nd Florian Schmitt

Category Women - Winners 2 nd Holly Eberhardt-Go - 1 st Katja Wagner - 3 rd Natalia Velcek

4 STRENFLEX fitness sport International 1

1 st Swiss Championship and 1 st Europe-Cup Basel 22.02.03 The Swiss Championship has taken place during the FITMESS in Basel. Swiss Champions 2003 Women I Antonia Conzett Gutschi Women II Claudia Barmettler Men Ivan Bucher


Category I Europe-Cup winners: 2 nd Katja Wagner - 1 st Antonia Conzett Gutschi - 3 rd Sonia Diaz

Category men Euro-Cup winners: 2 nd Mario Ercolani - 1 st Ivan Bucher - 3 rd Florian Schmitt

2 nd European championship St. Pölten 14.06.03 The second STRENFLEX European cham pionship took place in the very beautiful and large grounds of the Park-Studio and Hotel Seepark in St. Pölten near Vienna. Athletes from seven nations competed for the title in three different categories. In women’s category II Kathi Fleig, managing director and owner of the DAVID-GYM in Zurich, was simply in a class of her own. She achieved the maxi mum point score of 50 in the preliminary

rounds and in the final too, she hit home to again score the maximum of 40 points in muscular endurance. In the men’s category Ivan Bucher from Switzerland dominated, and with his win collected his fourth medal this year. Following the world cup and European cup successes together with the Swiss champion title he has now topped this with the titles of European cham pion and fitness king. Vice European champion is Kristof Gabrukiewicz from Poland, only 20 years old, who works at Park-Studio as a fitness trainee.

Category II winners: 2 nd Jitka Pucejdlova - 1 st Kathi Fleig - 3 rd Angela Deimbacher

Ranking women - all over

17 Ramona Völkel



17 Sandra Tschabrun






1 Antonia Conzett Gutschi

Switzerland 70

19 Anette Frisch



2 Holly Eberhardt

USA/D 60

19 Beatrice Rey

Switzerland 5

3 Katja Wagner



21 Silvia Döbele



4 Tanja Koch



21 Bea Gruber

Switzerland 3

5 Andrea Roth



23 Katarina Karamatic



6 Kathi Fleig

Switzerland 25

Ranking men - all over

6 Daniela Kaiser-Hempfling Germany


8 Lucie Simkove

Czech. Rep.





8 Jitka Pucejdlova

Czech. Rep.


1 Ivan Bucher

Switzerland 65

10 Petra Tesarova

Czech. Rep.


2 Florian Schmitt



10 Angela Deinbacher



3 Kristof Gabrukiewicz



12 Jolanda Schärer

Switzerland 15

4 Karl Schmitt



12 Sonia Diaz



5 Mario Ercolani



12 Natalia Velcek



6 Jochen Götz



12 Claudia Barmettler

Switzerland 15

7 Nediljko Bekavac Basic



12 Marlies Kreuzpaintner



8 Patrick Wolf

Switzerland 3

STRENFLEX fitness sport 5

Description of the information seminar

STRENFLEX in theory and practice

Description of the STRENFLEX Basic Workshop Anybody excited about sports can parti cipate in this workshop. As a goal of this workshop, participants will familiarize themselves exactly with the technical regulations, the course of the competi tion, the competition exercises and the scoring principles. During the practical part, the participants will practice the individual competition exercises, the technique and the correct execution as well as the safety rules will be explai ned, and the most frequent mistakes are presented. The basic seminar takes four hours and consists of 50% theoretical and 50% practical training. The number of participants is limited so that every body can receive sufficient attention, as this seminar is supposed to be the foundation for good training. Each par ticipant who completes the workshop receives a certificate. The attendance of a basic workshop is the prerequisite for participating in a national STRENFLEX competition. Description of the STRENFLEX Promo Studio Information seminar regarding STREN FLEX as a profit center The content of this seminar is directed toward all gym owners, club managers, division managers, personal trainers or instructors that are sports enthusiasts and would like to introduce a new activity to their gyms. Maybe you would like to offer your members an opportunity to train with a specific goal in mind to possibly compete with others at a later date? Then you have recognized the sign of the times: “Back to the roots” as well as comprehensive training. You may have also noticed that many training indivi duals are lacking the so-called “kick” or motivation? How can you keep your members with STRENFLEX and win new ones? These subjects and many more will be addressed during this information seminar, in which we will introduce you to our concept of the STRENFLEX Promo Studio.

Description of the Judging Seminar

More and more people are enga ging in intensive training to maintain a well-trained and capable body despite their sedentary activities and the resulting lack of exercise. Fitness training is part of a new lifestyle that is increasingly finding enthusiasts. However, up until now there was no opportunity to perform this training as a sports discipline with a com petitive challenge. Now there is the STRENFLEX Fitness Sport - a sports discipline with a strong foundation. In this information seminar, we will show you what’s behind it. During the theoretical part, you will learn about the background and basics of the sport. During the practical part, you can use the competition equip ment to try the different competitive exercises for yourself. This seminar is for all training and sports enthusiasts, whether they are future competitors, judges, attendants or coaches. The training days are primarily direc ted toward active or future competi tors. The goal of these training days is the improvement of the participants’ technique and performance and the joint training with other competitors. A licensed judge is present during training days to check and correct the training participants so they can per form better during the competitions. Furthermore, other subjects such as basic exercises and variations as well as training basics, how to keep trai ning notes and many others are also addressed. One training day lasts four hours. Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance. Description of the Training Day

STRENFLEX™ ORGANISATION COMPETITION CRITERIA The minimum age required for the partic ipation in the STRENFLEX™ fitness sport competitions is 18 (but competitions for teens are being planned, too). Four age categories and 8 weight classes will be competing. The STRENFLEX™ organisa tion will be offering an extensive starting field as far as this is concerned. The age classes are as follows: • category 1 age between 18 and 34 • category 2 age between 35 and 49 • category 3 age between 50 and 59 • category 4 60 years and older In addition to the 8 weight classes there will be a „Open” category, too. The chronological order of the exercise cat egories will remain the same: • strength • strength-endurance • cardiovascular endurance • flexibility The titles that can be reached through the competition are the following: • World Champion • European Champion, North American Champion, Continental Champion Like other disciplines, this sport also needs a jury. While everything can be exactly measured and counted, the cor rect execution, time measurements and a fair course of events are also important. Therefore, what is needed are well trai ned and trustworthy judges to perform the honorable task of ensuring a fair competition background and that the best competitor wins. For all those who seek a competitive atmosphere, who are sports enthusiasts, are responsible indivi duals and would like to be an important part of this fitness sport.


• National Champion • Regional Champion • City Champion • Gym Champion

6 STRENFLEX fitness sport International 1

14 exercises that will change your life!

STRENFLEX can be performed by any athletic person, no matter in what athle tic activities they usually perform, or by any gym member who trains regularly. All weight and cardio equipment offered at the gym can be used for the training program. In addition, gym members can take classes in body pumping, indoor cycling or stretching. STRENFLEX originates from Europe and represents the fitness industry in a positive manner in every respect. (Not all good things must be imported from overseas!)

STRENFLEX is a sport that can be lear ned quickly without the requirement of having previously been a high-caliber athlete, and it can be started at any age. As a result, there are four age categories for men and women, i.e. age category I - 18 to 34, age category II - 35 to 49, age category III - 50 to 59, and age category IV - 60 and over. (The minimum require ments of the 14 exercises vary depending on the age categories.)

You, too, should join in, since STRENFLEX offers benefits for the entire fitness industry: gym owners, manufacturers, suppliers and, last but not least, new and existing gym members.


You, too, can do it!


STRENGTH 1 Exercise - Bench press at 60% of the contestant’s body weight; minimum 3, maximum 10 correct repetitions without interruption. 2 Exercise - Squats at 70% of the contestant’s body weight; minimum 3, maxi mum 10 correct repetitions without interruption. 3 Exercise - Clean & Press at 30% of the contestant’s body weight; minimum 3, maximum 10 correct repetitions without interruption. 4 Raw leg strength measurement, two attempts, the best one counts. 5 Raw hand strength measurement, left and right hand, the average counts. 6 Exercise - Dip series, minimum 7, maximum 16 correct repetitions. 7 Exercise - Chin-up series, minimum 3, maximum 12 correct repetitions. 8 Exercise - Push-up from raised bench, min. 20, max. 29 correct repetitions. 9 Exercise - Abdominal crunch, minimum 25, maximum 34. ENDURANCE 10 Exercise - Rope-skipping, e.g. 2 minutes, or - depending on the sponsor - 5 minutes e.g. on an indoor cycle. The covered distance will be measured. 11 Exercise - Interval course, 10-meter dash, 10 correct jack knives, dash back, 10 jumping jacks with coordination exercise, dash back, 10 push-ups, dash back, 10 straight jumps with coordination exercise. The best time counts. FLEXIBILITY 12 Exercise - Stand & reach from the bench. 13 Exercise - Split, optionally right or left leg in front or side split. Since not everybody can perfectly get all the way to the ground, the distance between ground and pelvis is measured. 14 Exercise - Shoulder joint left and right. Excerpt from the competition regulations for the new sports discipline STRENFLEX. E.g. age category I (18 to 34 years of age) for men and women:














STRENFLEX fitness sport 7

International Press:


Strenflex magazines:

in GERMAN for the German, Austrian and Swiss market, and now... in ENGLISH !

8 STRENFLEX fitness sport International 1

WEBS ITE Information in 8 different languages

STRENFLEX fitness sport 9


Schedule for the year 2003 September 10 th to 12 th 2 nd World Championship in Kiev, Ukraine November 15 th 1 st German Championship during the Indoor in Magde burg, Germany Schedule for the year 2004 January 17 th 1 st Austria Championship in Wels March 25 th (planned) 3 rd World Championship in Las Vegas, USA April 23 rd (planned) 3 rd European Championship during the FIBO in Essen Workshop Schedule 2003 July 25 th - 27 th Basic Workshop and Judging Seminar - Kiev, Ukraine August 16 th Basic Workshop - TC Airgate, Zurich, Switzerland August 23 rd - 24 th Basic Workshop and Judging Seminar - Park-Studio, St Pölten, Austria August 23 rd Basic Workshop - DAVID-GYM, Zurich, Switzerland August 30 th

The second World Championships of the fitness sport STRENFLEX will take place from September 10th to 12th 2003 during the “Spa, Health & Fitness” fair in Kiev. This will be the first major international STRENFLEX champion ship to be held in eastern Europe and it has been endorsed by the Ukrainian government. Due to its similar objectives STREN FLEX, the fitness industry sport, was invited to appear in tandem with the Ukrainian “Spa, Health & Fitness Expo”, a major international event in the conti nuously growing and up-coming indus try of Europe’s second largest countries. We are now calling upon gym owners, managers and instructors worldwide to accelerate their efforts in motivating their members to participate in the World Championships and to give them an opportunity to qualify. For those

who don’t have time to prepare and for anyone from the fitness industry who is interested, there is always the option to travel to Kiev as a spectator and experi ence the real excitement of the emerging Ukrainian and eastern European markets “live”. (See enclosed poster to fill out your registration) The size of this market and the level of interest in fitness and sport is reflected in a workshop that was held in the run-up to these World Championships - there were more than 120 participants at the STREN FLEX BASIC workshop and 25 partici pants on the referee course. Impressive numbers indeed! Furthermore, a press conference was organised purely for the STRENFLEX World Championships and all of the important media names were there to report and provide coverage. Take good note - we are now entering the “STRENFLEX era.” Be there too!


Order your personal STRENFLEX equipment

€ 495.- Shipping costs and tax not included

Basic Workshop - John Harris Fitness Club, Vienna, Austria

August 30 th - 31 st

Basic Workshop and Judging Seminar - Holiday Fitness Club, Budweis, Czeck Republik

Sept. 5 th - 6 th

Basic Workshop and Judging - Sportlife, Hamburg, Germany

You will be able to find the exact dates for other Basic Workshops in Holland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Ger many and Russia under our home page or write to for the closest Workshop in your area.

The STRENFLEX™ fitness sport Championship-Set SCS, consists of a professional controllable multi-choice rack with a multi-choice bench, a 25mmØ (without weightplates but one can use 26 up to 30mmØ discs), 140cm long bar, spring col lars, barbell pad, neopren gloves and a skipping rope with counter. Send us your fax or e-mail and we will send you the distributor list of your country. Fax +41 1 883 73 92 - e-mail:

10 STRENFLEX fitness sport International 1

APPLICATION FORM If you are interested in the STRENFLEX™ fitness sport, please reply with the following form. Choose your products:  Strenflex Championship regulations

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Send this form to: STRENFLEX - Grindelstrasse 5 - CH-8304 Wallisellen Fax +41 1 883 73 92


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